Do you take action on your thoughts?

Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. That’s an average of 2500 – 3,300 thoughts per hour. Are you taking actions on your thoughts or simply allowing them to pass by? Here’s the cool thing! Once you become aware of what’s going inside your noggin, you will also become aware of the broken record that your mind truly is. It holds on to so many thoughts that truly do not serve you and continuously repeats them over and over again.

As we become more aware of what’s going on, then we can shift into conscious creation with our thoughts. Allow me to explore a bit further with you!

Previously, I shared a Tip to Connect video about aligning your thoughts and your actions with your intentions. This topic definitely does not fit into a one-minute segment, so it got me thinking about how I could expand a little more here. 

How often do you descredit your thought?

Do you ever get those “a-ha” moments where you think “YES! I’m totally going to do XY or Z” only to let it disappear just as quickly because you discredited the thought? This happened to me the other night. I was being about what I wanted to share in an email to my peeps and I had the most perfect concept. You know, the one that was super clear and easy to write about. The one that I just knew someone receiving was going to say “wow, this was exactly what I needed to hear.” And what did I do with that thought? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Because an immediate thought jumped right in and said…”nah, that’s really not a big deal. You can think of something better to write about.” So I let that thought slip away and what do you know…I could not find that thought when I went to write the email. It was gone and hopefully it shall return and I will actually do something with it the next time.

How do we take action?

So why do I share about this? This happens all of the time to me and I would guess to you as well. I get that brilliant idea and quickly dismiss it because I dismiss it. Maybe I feel it’s not good enough to share or maybe I think it’s not the right time. All may be true; however, if I don’t take action on that thought, it could disappear for a very long time. Have you seen this in your own experience. Do you have the tendency to dismiss or do you consistently take action on your thoughts. What outcomes are you experiencing because of this?

Steps to take action!

To wrap it up, I invite you to pay attention to your thoughts and when that good idea comes, do no dismiss it! When you get that moment of “YES, THIS IS PERFECT!”, do something with it. Here are some quick and easy steps that have served me in taking action. 

  • FIRST – WRITE IT DOWN so you don’t forget it. Journaling is HUGE for me. I carry a journal around with me everywhere as I love to capture those on-the-spot moment. I also have the app Evernote on my phone to capture thoughts. You can also che
  • Second – see what immediately follows that brilliant thought. Do you get the “nah…that’s not important” thought. Or do you get the “ummmm…that’s already been done before. Who are you to do THAT?” thought. Take note of what follows and see if there are patterns in your thinking.
  • Third – Take action on that thought. One simple step forward, whether than be simply writing it down somewhere, picking up the phone, or making committed action. Do something in the moment to solidify the thought.  

Become more aware and see patterns.

As you become more aware of your thoughts, you will start to see patterns and consistent self-talk.  You will create tools in your own life to take action on your thoughts and begin creating from your genius space. How cool is that?

To conclude, I have an amazing tool that will guide you to start working through those thoughts as well. Have you seen it before? No? No problem, grab it right here, my friend! It’s 5 simple steps to declutter your mind.

Are there topics that you would love my insight on? Simply comment below and I’ll get them in the rotation!