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Mindful Mentor

Connection Within Comes First

Allowing Deeper Connections with Others

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Empower Self.

Are you hiding behind walls that were created from past stories? Are these walls blocking you from creating deeper connections with others?

Imagine your relationships if you were approaching them from your authentic inner light. Also, imagine the deep connection that you would feel for yourself and your loved ones.

Build Community.

Are you missing connection with others around you? Have you allowed the deep rooted fears within yourself hold you back from authentic community connections?

Imagine a world where each of us is connected to our true self and sharing our unique talents with others. Imagine the relationships your will experience with others when coming from your heart!

Meditation and Intuition

Stefanie teaches you how to unlock the answers within you by guiding you to connect with your true self through tools that feel good to you.    

In-Person Gatherings

Stefanie is passionate about face to face and heart to heart  interactions. Moreover, social media has its place, we like physical connection here.


Utilize the power of writing and journals to release mind chatter and recognize and release the stories of your past. In short, this tool by itself will set your mind free!

Free Community Events

Come have fun with us! Stefanie has been putting on free family events for 5 years, including free yoga in the parks or hiking the great outdoors,

What Do I Do?

Stefanie believes connection within is the key to creating deep connection with others. Therefore, I teach you to go inward using tools that feel good to you rather than searching for answers outside of yourself. Above all, Stefanie guides you to trust yourself, acknowledge the walls created from past stories, find your own truths and teach you how move forward authentically and in alignment with your light within. This is done through one-on-one sessions, group interactions or meditation and journal processes.

Who Is This For?

This inter-personal work is for those who have amazing lives and relationships but looking for deeper connection within and with others. Alternately, maybe you realize that you have great days and not so great days and wanting more consistency in your interactions. You may feel that there is more to life than the day-to-day and you are seeking for deeper meaning of who you are, your passion and your reason for waking up each day. As a result, you’ve come to the right place looking for tools to provide that consistency.

About Me

Hiya Friends! I am Stefanie Joseph and I believe that true joy comes from connection within and as each of us connects deeper to our true self, each of of us is able to create lasting heart-based connections with others. I have come home to myself after years of searching and relying on others for my answers. Additionally, I believe that all each of us ever needs is already inside of us; it may simply be locked up story boxes that we have created or allowed others to create for us.

Because I did not create your life, I will not tell you what to do or give you all the answers. On the contrary, I lovingly (and sometimes bluntly) guide you to returning back to your home (your self), giving you permission to release those stories and allow you to bring out your true authentic self. To sum it up, I work with you and provide tools to access your own answers, because you are the only person that knows what is best for you.

“Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed and my perspective feels cloudy, I know to reach out to Stefanie. She quickly and effectively identifies what’s blocking my view and asks great questions to help me find a creative solution to my plight. I really appreciate her mentoring as I consistently feel more grounded and clear after having spoken with her. She reminds me of truth and the wisdom that lies within my own soul. She has a remarkable gift as a lighthouse leader. She shines through her example of gracious living and connective parenting style. She has planted seeds for many years inside me and I am realizing the fruits of her wise words as good things continue to materialize for me and my family. I will forever be thankful for her role in my life.” Kim Oliver

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