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Are you feeling lost in life’s whirlwind, living by someone else’s script, and constantly striving to meet external expectations? If you’ve spent years on auto-pilot, caught in the cycle of people-pleasing, and find your health, relationships, and overall happiness not where you desire, know that you’re not alone. Hello, friend, I’m Stefanie Joseph, and I’ve been where you are. But I’ve also discovered that it doesn’t have to be this way—for you or for me.

I’m deeply committed to empowering individuals on their journey of self-remembrance and authentic living. With a decade of personal and professional experience under my belt, I offer a unique mix of soulful coaching, somatic exploration, and compassionate support in both personal and business realms. I approach life through curiosity and inspire my clients to do the same.

Together, we’ll explore the profound layers of your belief system, guide you through life’s cycles of transition and transformation, helping you to remember your authentic self and personal desires. Throughout this journey, you’ll nurture resilience, embrace your genuine essence, and thrive in your unique way. Are you truly ready to embrace life on your own terms? Let’s chat!


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A somatic journey with grief

My Story

My own journey has been marked by personal trials of grief, loss, and transition following the untimely passing of my sweet younger sister, Jen, in 2022. Witnessing my sister’s transition from this world and the subsequent time of processing my own loss has deeply illuminated the incredible power of grief and the importance of somatic practices in my healing journey.

Additionally, the death of my sister transformed me to live. It transformed me to realize how precious and intimate this life can be and in a moment, it can all be stripped away from us. That is why I do what I do. To inspire individuals who long to live authentically and radiate their unique light in the world. I hold a firm belief that by embracing our experiences, even the most challenging ones, we can tap into newfound strength and resilience, enabling us to craft a life filled with purpose, joy, and profound impact.

My Services

Business Coaching

Somatically informed business coaching, supporting you in creating a soul aligned, capacity-based business. You are here because you want to do business differently. My coaching connects you with your true nature while honoring your body and its presence in your business. You can thrive in business on your terms.

My coaching approach seamlessly weaves together mystical wisdom and somatic practices, diving deep into the realms of beliefs, conditioning, and shadow work. I am here to guide you in constructing a strong foundation of self-trust and confidence, rooted in your individual desires.

Gene Keys Guide

The Gene Keys approach allows for deep intra-personal contemplation. The transmission offers a roadmap of your soul, allowing you to tap into your innate divine gifts. The Gene Keys (and Human Design) gave me permission to be me, free from the burden of external pressures. 

With over a decade of entrepreneurial insight and more than 15 years of project management expertise, I offer operational consulting for soulful business owners. If you’re a creative entrepreneur who thrives on innovation but needs structure and meticulous project planning, I’m here to help, allowing your creativity to flourish within a well-structured framework.


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