Stefanie Joseph

Intuitive Life & Business Coach, Gene Keys Guide

My Soul’s Purpose

I believe we are all here to express ourselves as our divine unique individual self. It is my intention to guide you to return to yourself and your inner wisdom. All the answers exist within you; however, they may simply be covered by layers of conditioning, beliefs, and programming. It is my desire as an intuitive coach to support you in removing those layers to witness, accept, and love the divine being that you.

“First and foremost, I am a seeker just like you. I am on a journey of self-discovery, acceptance and remembrance. I embrace the power of surrender and pausing, and choose to live each moment in contemplation.”

Stefanie Joseph

Gene Keys Session

Are you seeking clarity in your personal life, relationships, or business alignment? Utilizing your Gene Keys (and some Human Design), we will dive deeper into your personal roadmap to sort through the clutter in your mind and create a clear path forward.

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Business Discovery

My business coaching is unique. I work with heart-centered business owners that are here to make a difference in the world. My clients are frustrated with traditional marketing tactics and may not feel seen or heard with traditional business coaching. Ready to make a change?

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Soul Community 

Join our free DTR Soul Community that supports women on their journey of self-discovery, healing, and love through conversations and events. We offer a private healing community space (off of traditional social media platforms).

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Stefanie Joseph, Gene Keys Guide

I am passionate about intuitively supporting others on their self-discovery journey. I am a Gene Keys Guide and I have fully accepted that this transmission moves through me. I am let by Spirit to continue diving deeper into the Gene Keys transmission and allowing it to move through me in all of the work that I do.

Why Gene Keys?

Permission to be yourself

Gene Keys approach allows for deep intrapersonal contemplation and pure acceptance of yourself. You no longer have to pretend to be someone you are not. Gene Keys offers a roadmap of your soul, allowing you to tap into your innate gifts and be the person you are designed to be. 


Gene Keys Synthesis offers an individual roadmap into your soul. Through the power of contemplation, you allow yourself to let your life and experiences be your teachers. You have a tangible tool that shows you potential patterns of behavior and offers you a way to move through those patterns into a higher frequency. 


We are each uniquely designed; and yet, through conditioning and societal programming, we may feel disconnected from our core essence. Personal alignment means connecting to your authentic self, giving you permission to accept and honor the unique being that you are. 

Mystical Support

The Gene Keys Transmission is a living transmission. It shifts you in the deepest layers of yourself while being supported by the higher bodies of consciousness. Once embodied in the transmission, you can’t help but feel the mystical presence of its nature. 

Deep Inner Healing

Healing is a choice and not always a pleasant journey. Gene Keys has a profound practical and magical tool for identifying fear-based patterns and transforming them into their higher essence. There is a gift hidden in every shadow.

My Approach & Philosophy

After spending years of searching outside of myself for answers, I finally returned home to my soul in 2020.

True divine chaos emerged personally and collectively and I entered into my cocoon phase. I chose to lean in to the energy of 2020 and focused on the most important people in my life, myself and my family. I physically separated myself from others and used the time to remember and embrace me, the real me. There were many moments of growth and expansion and there were also plenty of times of sadness, separation and heartache and plenty of emotions to go along with the experiences.

It is through this time in my cocoon that I realized how much I had been living my life for others. I removed labels, I began diving deeper into my shadows, and I allowed Grace to take me in and heal me. 

In April 2021, I embarked on a surrender project and continued my journey within. I let go and let God lead the way and magic continues to unfold. This is how I approach every single day of my life. Pure surrender.

And it is how I guide my clients as well. Surrender to your heart, surrender to your soul and allow the healing to expand.