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Welcome my friends!
All that you are is already inside of you.
You are a magical creator; we are here to guide and assist you in finding what lies beneath! 


Let’s face it! We live in a fast paced, high stimulation society where practically our entire existence is based around social media and technology noise. It is no wonder, that we are turning into mindless robots…simply existing.

When was the last time you got quiet with the 50,000-70,000 thoughts that race through your mind each day? When was the last time you stopped and smelled the roses? When was the last time you were fully present?

Let’s change that today! We are hopeful you will find the tools that resonate with you best for getting quiet and getting under those deep layers.


Recent Articles About Mind

Is meditation the latest trend?

As I took a quick survey about why people don’t meditate, it got my mind wondering…are people viewing meditation simply as the latest trend; one more thing that we HAVE to do? If we don’t do it “correct” then we won’t get anything...

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Mindfulness versus Meditation

This is definitely a question that is commonly asked and quite frankly interchanged often in our culture. I know I have been guilty of this as well! Let’s break it down simply…because I’m all about simple! Mindfulness Being mindful is simply taking a...

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Not only is our society experiencing technology overload, we are also experiencing toxin overload through our environment, the foods we eat, and the products we use on a daily basis. Fast food chains are on every street corner, soda shops have now become drive-throughs, and cheap, mass produced products line the shelves of our grocery stores. We live in a world of convenience, yet is slowly killing our bodies, our minds, and our souls.

But I want to remind you, we are a shame-free environment here! Our focus is on education, awareness, and choices. We understand those that don’t want to stay on auto-pilot and we also understand that one size shoe doesn’t fit all. Let us help you find what works for YOU!

Recent Articles About Body

Easy Meal in 5 Minutes

Quick, Simply and Easy Crockpot Roast in only 5 Steps! Are you looking for an quick, easy meal without preservatives or packets from the grocery store? Come check out what we created in our kitchen! Being a mama on the go, I am always looking for a new quick, healthy,...

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Coconut Water – what’s the benefits?

I have always been a good student. As such, I sat quietly, minded my manners and always listened to my teachers. So when my wonderful Yoga Teacher said to drink coconut water over regular water, I immediately went to the store and got this bad boy! The Details I was...

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Soda – how is this affecting you?

Oh soda…how we think we love you? A client that is on our detox brought me this article from the local paper about soda. It’s an oldie but sure is a goodie! Did you see the 39 lbs??? Drinking one can of this sugar beverage a day equates to consuming 39...

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The lotus is a beautiful reminder of blooming from the murkiness below. The flower roots itself in the mud and pushes up through the water to bloom above. It’s symbolic of our soul’s journey. It’s not always pretty, there’s some darkness lurking below but we each of the strength to still bloom into a beautiful, authentic flower.

What is the mud in your life that you are ready to overcome? What drives your soul? What would you like to change to live a more purposefully driven life? Are you willing to explore the darkness to find the light? Are you a light worker and ready to pass your light on?

Here you will find a platform to explore your soul’s journey and truly live a life you desire.

Recent Articles About Soul

Questions of the Soul – Part 1

Are you a wanderer with questions? Are you constantly looking to others to answer your questions and truths? Do you rely on influences outside of yourself to determine and define your place in this existence? Are you lost in your soul’s journey and not quite...

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