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Business Coaching

with Stefanie

4-Point Gene Keys Personalized Recording

As a Gene Keys Guide, I utilize this wisdom to support people in aligning deeper to themselves while created a soul-aligned business. Understanding these four points in my own Gene Keys profile has given me clarity and ease in creating and thriving in a soul-aligned business that is based on my unique blueprint. Are you looking for permission and clarity on your unique gifts? This recording is perfect for that.

Recordings are $55



Nurtured & Aligned Weekly Coaching

Are you a passionate, heart-centered entrepreneur overflowing with dreams, yet struggling to bring them to life amidst the daily whirlwind? Join Nurtured & Aligned, a mastermind that supports you in bringing your vision to life.

This no-commitment mastermind is great for solo passion-led business owners who are desiring a community space to take aligned action while nurturing your nervous system. Space is limited to 7 people for each mastermind to ensure that you get ample 1:1 focused time.

Investment: $350/month, no commitment
(Added Voxer Coaching available)

Monthly 1:1 Power Hour Session with Stefanie

Weekly 1 hour laser-focus group coaching with an additional optional hour for implementing. Group currently held Thursdays at 9:30 am MST

No commitment, stay for as little or as long as you would like. Some have used the space to launch a project while others have stayed for months to take consistent action. It's up to you and your nervous system.

Relational marketing focus rather than pain-point marketing. Market that way that supports your nervous system.

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Life Coaching

with Stefanie

I specialize in helping individuals reclaim their lives on their terms. With a background as a Gene Keys Guide and a deep understanding of somatic practices, I weave the mystical wisdom of Gene Keys into practical, embodied experiences. I’m here to guide you back to yourself, supporting your journey towards living authentically and grounded in your unique design.

Unlock Your Unique Path:
A 3-Session Coaching Journey to Authentic Living

During our three 60-minute sessions together, we’ll explore the mystical world of Gene Keys and Human Design, unraveling the secrets of your individual profile.

But this isn’t a one-size-fits-all reading – it’s a personalized coaching experience that’s all about you. Our sessions are grounded in somatic practices to help you ground this wisdom into your body and integrate your discoveries into your daily life. We’ll also dive deep into your belief system, addressing any conditioning or programming that might be holding you back from living life authentically.

Cost: $350

Desiring a longer time together?
Work 1:1 with Stefanie

This individualized 12 week program looks at all areas of your life (relationships, business, and personal) and together, we create a plan that focuses on balance and alignment. The plan is customized to your needs and your experiences. You will meet with Stefanie weekly.

Utilizing your Gene Keys/Human Design, along with other modalities, Stefanie will coach you to return to yourself and live life on your terms, infusing somatic practices to check in with your body and create more safety within yourself as well as open up your connection to your higher self.

Schedule a discovery session to explore!

Stefanie Joseph Coaching

Guiding you to return to yourself and live a life on your terms.

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