Services Provided

Individual Clarity

This intuitive 1 hour session is great if you are seeking clarity for your personal life, relationships, or soul’s purpose. This is an intuitive session reviewing your Gene Keys profile and active contemplation. You will walk away feeling seen, safe, and actionable steps of connecting deeper with yourself. 


Activating your gifts

Explore your innate gifts within your and bring them to life! 

Relationship with self

The relationship with yourself is the most important one and yet it is often neglected. Take time to explore who you are and give yourself permission to be YOU!

Recognizing patterns

Do you have a common lesson pattern that shows up in your life and you’re ready to transmute it? This is the power of Gene Keys. We will look at your individual life’s lessons and see where the gifts emerge from the lessons. 

Emotional triggers

We have a natual pattern of our emotional responses to being triggered. Through our session we can look at your unique patterns and talk through shifting them into higher frequencies. 

Partnership Clarity

This intuitive 1 hour session looks at dynamics between two profiles. We will explore communication style, emotional responses, and potential triggers/pressures between the profiles. My approach looks at the individual first because it’s never about the other person. It’s simply our reactions to them.  


Common trigger patterns

We all have our patterns of mental triggers and during those times of being triggered, we may find it difficult to openly communicate. Explore each other’s trigger patterns and how you can support yourself and your partner in calmer communication.

Open communication

Learn about how your partner energetically communicates with you and then provide support for each other.


The more accountable we are to our self, the more accountable we will be for others. Learning through our experiences and our patterns allows us to heal and expand in our relationships. 

Deeper connection

When you can understand your partner deep desires, you can create deeper connections and healing together. 

Business Alignment

You are a heart-connected business owner who is here to make a difference. You desire to be of service to the greater good creating prosperity through alignment. Are you sharing your message to the world in alignment to your soul’s desires? Schedule a discovery session and see if you feel more aligned to your mission.

Free Discovery

Market in alignment

We’re not all designed to market the same way. Learn how to speak to the energy of your ideal client through your messaging and copy.

Feel energized

Your business is a part of you. Allow it to energize you rather than burn you out. Learn how your design supports you in your business to feel the energy and love. 

Attract the right people

You’re not meant to work with everyone so why speak to everyone. Aligning yourself to your business will naturally attract those that are meant to work with you. 

Do business your way

Soulful entrepeneurs do things differently. Trust yourself and do business your way.