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Stefanie Joseph

You deserve peace, love, and acceptance. You deserve it all.

First and foremost, I am a seeker just like you. I am on a journey of self-discovery, acceptance and remembrance.

The Search back home

Through the journey, I have had many experiences that have led me to where I am today as a guide and spiritual life and business coach. In May 2013, a “coincidence” occurred in my life where my eyes were opened to new possibilities and I started dreaming. Up until this point, I was doing all of the things that society tells us is “correct.” I checked the box of college graduate, high paid manager, wife, and mother. I thought I had “made” it! But I felt empty inside, I felt there was something missing and so the self-discovery began. For the next few years, I attempted manifesting, “The Secret” way, and forcing my spirituality. I remember moments of deep judgments of others in my life that were not on the same journey as me (can you relate?). I became obsessed with my spirituality, it became an addiction. I was on a constant search to find myself through others. I read every book, attended many classes and retreats and although I felt uplifted, I still felt empty inside. I was constantly living my life for everyone else and their expectations of me. I had lost myself completely.

My Great Change

In 2019, I let go of my expectations of growth. I pushed a huge PAUSE button on my life and my entrepreneur journey and purposefully chose to live the “the checked box” lifestyle. I felt safe, secure, and ironically at peace.

Then 2020 hit, true divine chaos emerged personally and collectively and I entered into my cocoon phase. I chose to lean in to the energy of 2020 and focused on the most important people in my life, myself and my family. I physically separated myself from others and used the time to remember and embrace me, the real me. There were many moments of growth and expansion and there were also plenty of times of sadness, separation and heartache and plenty of emotions to go along with the experiences. This cocoon year may have looked simple and easy from the outside, but just like the caterpillar when it goes into the cocoon/chrysalis, I was literally changing from the inside, shedding my layers and emerging as the butterfly. The butterfly is not a separate being, but the caterpillar transformed from the inside. I continued my journey into my self through the Gene Keys transmission and unlocked doors of my soul that I didn’t consciously realize I had closed. Learn more about Gene Keys.

2021 was a year of dismantling. I intentionally leaned into surrender in April, letting go of all expectations and embracing each day with fresh new eyes. I continued to remain in my own energy and found a deep sense of security, love and acceptance within myself. I realized I have these powerful super powers of love and acceptance (are you ready to dive into your super powers?) And it is through this year, that I really began to trust myself, trust the divine guidance, and KNOW how I desire to serve. Ashli and I opened this space. I also rebranded my multi-passionate business under my own name and support those men and women desiring more clarity, acceptance in their own life and in their spiritual/heart-centered businesses, using the Gene Keys approach.

My Soul’s Purpose and Working With Me

I believe we are all here to express ourselves as our divine unique individual self. It is my intention to guide you to return to yourself and your inner wisdom. All the answers exist within you; however, they may simply be covered by layers of conditioning, beliefs, and programming. It is my desire as an intuitive coach to support you in removing those layers to witness, accept, and love the divine being that you.

I am passionate about intuitively supporting others on their self-discovery journey. I am a Gene Keys Guide and I have fully accepted that this transmission moves through me. I am let by Spirit to continue diving deeper into the Gene Keys transmission and allowing it to move through me in all of the work that I do. 

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