Will you choose you today? We are trained from an early age to share, to give to others first, to take care of your neighbor, yada-yada…the list goes on! However, I’m sure you can agree that there is a shift going on where putting YOU first is not (nor should it be) viewed as being selfish. I mean, you can’t give from an empty cup right? As I sit to write this post, I’m reminded how big this lesson has been for me over the past couple weeks.

I felt off, alone, lost and frustrated.

So what did I do? I retreated into my own world, but not in the way that served me. Meditation halted, I no longer journaled and I stopped connecting with my crew. I stopped posting when I received information. I just stopped. And you know what happened? More disconnection.

So, I come to you reminding you that it is ok to feel all of the things I listed above. It is ok to retreat and it is ok to stop doing things. Do you need permission, well my friend, you have that from me! However, I also encourage you to notice when you are feeling those feelings of being alone and seeing what you are NOT DOING that is perpetuating those feelings and make the choice that serves you. We’re human, we may not always make the best choice, but that’s the beautify of it.

You get to make the choice

I am choosing to honor the moments I feel I need to retreat by going inward. Secondly, I am also choosing to honor when spirit is telling me it’s ok to choose you (more on that later). Finally, I am choosing to lean in to myself when I feel like I want to shut everything off.

What are you choosing, my friend?

If you’re looking for a great meditation to get back to being centered with yourself, check it out here! 

And know that I am sending each of you love as I have the knowing that some of you may be feeling this aloneness right now. You are not alone, my friend. I see you, I feel you and I love you!