What I See In You

Hello friend! Thank you for stopping by. My guess is you have come to receive your gift for sharing a “What I see in you” note, correct?  I hope you took a picture of the note you sent?

Here is your gift:

Take a moment for yourself. Start with a few cleansing breaths. Read the note that you wrote to yourself. Take in the words and be with them.

Yes, that is your gift.

You see, I realized that it was so much easier to see the gifts in others but I failed to see them in myself. 

Remember, you would not be able to see the beauty in others if you did not possess that beauty within yourself. So what you are able to see in others already exists within yourself.

Therefore, it is my gift to you that you breath in the words that you so easily shared with your friend. Those gifts are within you too. Embrace and love them. Embrace and love you! This simple, yet profound tool, has transformed my life! I am on a mission to change the way we see ourselves and by you being here, you have accepted the challenge!

Are you ready to explore this gift and so many other tools of self reflection?

I invite you to join the free 30 Day Self Love Commitment. 30 days of self reflection and love. Are you ready for self exploration?

Empower Self. Build Community. 

Meet Stefanie

Who am I and why am I doing this work? 

Through the many paths of my life, I have finally found my home. Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, the home I have found is within myself.

I was on a constant search to find myself through others. I read every book, attended so many classes and retreats and although I felt uplifted, I still felt empty inside. I was constantly living my life for everyone else and their expectations of me. I had lost myself completely. 

Thankfully through my constant searching, I finally returned home; the home within myself. I rediscovered ME again and fell in love with this beautiful soul all over again.

My journey of self-discovery is my gift to you, my dear friend. I have a gift of seeing your divinity when you may not see it in yourself and it is my commitment to this world to spread love throughout and inspire others to live from their authentic divine self. I will promise you one thing: I am not your guru; I refuse to be the person that I sought aimlessly after for many years. I am simply your guide and mirror, allowing you the opportunity to rediscover and love yourself again.

This is your journey, and it is by no accident that you have come here as part of that journey. Thank you for trusting me, I am honored to walk side by side with you. 

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