FREE 30 Day Self-Love Commitment

Rediscover and love your true self with daily exercises

“Go take a bubble bath, it will make you feel better,” they say. How about some flowers or a massage? While all of these self-care activities are beautiful, they only mask the emptiness that you may be feeling inside. It is through genuine self-love commitment that you can ultimately uncover the shadows and gifts that are hiding within yourself. Are you ready to explore the inner workings of you and begin to live from that space of love?

Are you ready to take a stand for yourself; a daily self-love commitment to rediscover your true self and love that beautiful soul within? Exchange your coffee fix or next shopping trip and join me for the next 30 days in rediscovering and loving the most important person in your life – YOU!

This isn’t simply 30 days of suggestions to make you feel good and cover up the emotions. Yes, the flowers and bubble baths are nice, but we’re going on a journey of exploration!  These 30 days are for discovering and loving the parts of you that may feel neglected. We explore, question and allow the emotions to surface. It is about peeling the layers in simple and thought provoking ways, then peeling some more as you rediscover your core essence.


I’m ready for my self-love commitment!


  • Lifetime access to 30 daily videos (all under 10 minutes) and actionable assignments.
  • 30 day journal to capture your journey.
  • Access to a community of others who on the quest for self-discovery.
  • Future updates in videos and activities for all things related to self-love!

Can you tell me more about the self-love commitment?

My pleasure! Here’s a quick breakdown of the structure for the 30 days.

week 1 – intention & foundation

Setting your intention is the first step in creation. What is it that you desire to create over the next 30 days? We then move into setting the foundation of self-love: gratitude! Creating this solid foundation is key to moving forward in self-love.

week 2 – reflection

We’ve laid the foundation, now we get to shift into reflection.  This week is focused on reflecting on experiences in your life without judgement. What are beliefs that you have inherited from others or created yourself? How are things working and/or not working in your life today?

week 3 – questions

This week we go deeper with our internal explorations using questions. Simply, yet though provoking questions for different areas of your life.


week 4 – Contemplation

Contemplation is the act of looking with deep reflection thought at something for a long time. This week we shift deeper into questions while reflecting what they mean at a mind and soul level. We’re not just simply thinking through things, we’re feeling them and understanding how they affect us.


We end the 30 days with exploring how we will choose to integrate self-love into our daily lives. We explore how to take actionable steps to creating change, rather than fall back into old patterns and behaviors. How will you use what you’ve learned in the last 30 days to really love yourself?

Why is your self-love commitment so important?

Check out an interview I did with the lovely Kris Prochaska about radical accountability and living from a space of true authenticity. When you commit to self love, you will discover the stories, beliefs and patterns that may have held you back from living from a space of pure authenticity. Have a listen!