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Are you ready to come home to yourself? Are you ready to overcome the old habits that no longer serve you? Do you have a hard time letting go of stories from your past?

Maybe it is time that you and I have a chat. My role is assisting you in returning home to your inner self; the place where the real answers lie. I will work through your stories and habits and be the outside perspective you may need to realize how those are holding you back. After we acknowledge, forgive and release those that no longer serve you, I will be with you while you allow your true self to be set free!

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Through My Eyes and Heart

Have you ever watched a child experience the world? Have you seen the excitement in their eyes when they see something new? Watched them forgive someone so quickly…over and over again? Have you observed them see the best in a person and yet in an instant back away from someone because they weren’t at the right vibration?

They truly have the gift of seeing life in such a beautiful light. Being a mother of two small children, I have been amazed to see how much more they teach me on a daily basis than I teach them?

Through My Eyes and Heart has been on my own heart for a little while and I am finally introducing it to the world. The idea came through my observations of my own children.

What if there was a way to teach kids to observe, document, and create their own little miracles? What if they were inspired to see the good in themselves just like they see the good in others? What if we as adults were able to experience even a hint of their world from their perspective?

This interactive journal will do just that. It will provide a resource for them to document their life. It will give them tools for positive self talk, letting go of stuff that doesn’t serve them, and provide a tool for us parents that want to experience more out of life with our children.

It is my hope that this journal creates memories to last a lifetime and skills to teach children to continue to be open in how they view themselves and the world around them. I

hope you join in this vision with us!

Course Coming Soon!

Do you have a dream inside of you but not sure how to bring it out of you?

I have the most perfect tool that will assist you in seeing what is possible. And the great news!!! You already know how!  

I will guide you through a process with two simple tools that you may have used before: Vision Board and Journal. I know! I know! I’ve heard it before. You are over vision boards. They never work! Trust me, you haven’t tried it this way! 

Stay tuned!