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Are you ready to connect with yourself on a deeper, more intimate level?
Connecting with yourself first allows deeper connection with others.
It starts with you first!

We have options for you!

4 Week Mama Connection Class

Are you tired of the yelling and constant bickering in your home? Does your child experience swings of emotions? Or are you simply wanting a tool to teach them the power of a journal that allows them to explore and express their emotions?

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You get two physical copies of the journal (valued at $50) and four 30 minute video recordings with simple homeplay to enjoy! I will guide you in how you can best encourage your child to use their journals for free expression. We will also dive into the importance of self love and awareness both for you, Mama, and for your kiddos. The class teaches you about the power of intention, journaling, listening  and ultimately the power of YOU! The journal gives your child the space to Stand Up, Speak Up and Speak Out….learn more about that in the course! Trust me, this is a big one!


1 Hour Intuitive Session

Are you struggling with handling your emotions with your children or others? Or maybe you’re simply needing another perspective? That’s where I come in! Work with me one-on-one in person,  Skype, or on the phone learning to connect with yourself.

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This is not one of those sessions where I tell you what to do. I guide you to finding the answers within! I ask a lot of questions, and intuitively guide you so that you can find the answers within.  Think of it as a judgement-free bestie who will be honest and truthful with you, that will hold your hand, hug you, and assist you in finding the perfect answer for yourself


Journaling Your Vision (Board)

Course coming soon! I know what you’re thinking…another vision board course promising me miracles! Well sort of…we’re spicing it up for you and providing a twist to your typical vision boards that will allow you to tap into your divine genius! Come join!

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The way I use vision boards is different than what I’ve seen out there and it’s time I teach YOU how you truly can create the life you desire or uncover desires you had not thought about.

This course will teach you how to vision board like you’ve haven’t seen before. I will walk you through the mechanics of creating a vision board that actually works. We will then dive into combining your journal with your vision board and a daily 3 minute practice that will transform your life! You have the power to manifest your dreams already inside of you, this course will teach you how to harness your power and bring your dreams to reality!

Coming 04/19

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Through My Heart and Eyes

A Guided Journal for Kids

Are you looking for less screent time, less bickering and less fighting in your home? Want more connection, more creativity, and more love?

Trust me…I was looking for the same thing and had troubles finding it. So I created it myself and get to now share with you! 

This unique guided journal made with your child in mind. It is packed with 60+ pages of journal prompts and activities to get their juices flowing and put their thoughts down on paper. It is the perfect space for your child to express their emotions, feel gratitude and document their daily life. 

They will feel empowered to see their individuality and let it shine!

What’s Inside?

Section 1 – Daily Activities

This section is about doing small daily activities. There is a focus on gratitude, letter writing, being present, music, and other activities that inspire connection. Your child will not get bored of the variety of pages!

Multiple Activities

Explored Writing

Free Flow

Section 2 – Special Activities

This section is for those special days where your child could use an outlet to express their emotions. This section also inspires your child to write and release their emotions through different exercises. 

Write and Release

Section 3 – Open Pages

This section is open pages to encourage creativity and free writing. Doodle, write, and explore!

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