6 Week Workshop with a deep dive into your Pearl Sequence

Magnetize Through Alignment

Biz Coaching combined with the Gene Keys Pearl Sequence

Are you a conscious entrepreneur who has a deep desire to serve?
Is fear, insecurity or a lack of knowledge stopping you from
getting your offerings out there? 

Now is the time to lean into those fears and
bring your unique magic to life!

This workshop takes out the guesswork and worry of creating a soul aligned offering. We dive into your Gene Keys Pearl Sequence because it gives you permission to create from your authentic design.

No imposter syndrome here because no one can ever be like you! Let’s embrace your authenticity and give you confidence that
YOU are enough and YOU are the one to bring your
offering into the world!

Confidence ♥ Clarity ♥ Commitment 

This is for heart-centered entrepreneurs who:


have the idea percolating in their mind but haven’t birthed it into form.


know they are here to serve but feeling disconnected from their current business or offerings.


are frustrated with traditional “old-school” marketing tactics.


desire to attract their ideal client rather than chasing through fear. 


have a desire to serve but not quite sure what they want to do in their business. 


are multi-passionate and attempting to figure out where a new offering fits into their current suite.


are feeling insecure in their abilities or fall victim to imposter syndrome.


desire to create balance and connection in all parts of their life.


aren’t in a position to invest in a 1:1 coach but knows they will thrive in a group environment.


may feel insecure in the what their next steps are after they have realized the vision. 

Magnetize through alignment, Gene Keys Pearl Sequence

Next workshop starts Monday, June 27th,
only 10 spots available!

 What is included:

  • Gene Keys Pearl Sequence Digital Course – $125 value 
  • Weekly live 60 minute Zoom Sessions. Scheduled for Tuesday at 10am MST. Sessions will be recorded and you get lifetime access to recordings
  • Weekly Worksheets
  • Voxer support (during Voxer office hours, Tuesday & Wednesday) – let me be your sounding board as you create your business roadmap
  • Bonus modules – a little more on Human Design and whatever else comes up from the group weekly sessions. 
  • Reduced priced sessions with Stefanie who is dedicated to your success. Work with Stef 1:1 as often as you would like during the 6 (or 10) weeks for only $60 for 60 minute session.
  • Opportunity to continue with 4 weeks of accountability and integration as you move forward with your new plan. 


6 Week program: $999

Payment options: 2 monthly pymts of $500 or 4 monthly pymts of $250

4 Week ongoing support:

$300 or 2 payments of $150

Commit to the 10 weeks up front: $1,199

Payment Options: 2 monthly pymts of $600 or 4 monthly pymts of $300

Weekly Lineup 

  • Week 1: This week is all about intention and vision. We will tap into the energy of what’s possible and get crystal clear on your intention for the next 6 weeks.  
  • Week 2: Why are you in service? This week, we explore your Vocation in your Gene Keys Pearl Sequence which gives you guidance in why you desire to be in service. You’ve all heard the saying “your mess is your message?” Well my friend, this week’s exploration will take this to a whole new level. 
  • Week 3: The Who and How of your offering. This is the week we look at your Culture in your Gene Keys Pearl Sequence and get clear on who you are here to serve as well as your genius zone “how.” Is your sweet spot 1:1 sessions or group sessions? Or maybe you’re designed to make societal shifts? Let’s find out!
  • Week 4: Aligned messaging. Here we focus on your Brand in your profile and we fine tune how you talk to your people. We’re letting go of traditional marketing tactics and checking in with you to see what feels right for you. The goal is to be so much in alignment with ourselves that we attract our people to us (your fractal line). Sounds juicy, right!
  • Week 5: Individualized roadmap. We’re going to bring it all together and create a simple individualized roadmap using the 3 pillars we found over the last 3 weeks. This week’s class will be all about you and your questions. 
  • Week 6: What does true prosperity mean to you? Living from alignment allows us to experience flow of resources rather than a build-up of wealth. This isn’t just about money (although I know that’s what led you here), this is about time, relationships, and a natural flow of life. This week is also focused on goal setting and intentions for the next 6 weeks. What is possible for you?
  • Optional Week 7-10: Accountability and Integration. Let’s see your plan come to life!

I am a more confident and focused entrepreneur because of my coaching sessions with Stefanie! When I first reached out to Stefanie, I felt overwhelmed, nervous, anxious and a bit scared trying to navigate through all the different aspects of owning a business. Stefanie really helped me get focused on what was most important and connect with what was correct for me in each moment. Her patience, listening, and understanding truly gave me the space to work through so many struggles. And now… I feel very clear about my direction and my vision for my business. I have an unshakeable confidence that my business is aligned and will truly be able to succeed. Thank you so much Stefanie!

Noelle, STL Noelle Sound Healer

Learn more about Stefanie

I am a seeker just like you.

I am passionate about intuitively supporting heart-centered entrepreneurs share their message far and wide from a space of alignment. You’re not designed to be like everyone else, why is your business any different. As a Gene Keys Guide, I bring the Pearl Sequence to life as we work on aligning your business to your design. Backed by my 15 years of Project Management experience, you not only get vision with me, you get practical actionable plans to bring your vision to life! 

I believe that we have all of the answers within us; however, they may be covered by trauma, life experiences and deep programming. Through my work, I guide you back to home within yourself. The Gene Keys provides and road map into your soul and gives you permission to be yourself.  

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