Through My Heart and Eyes

a daily journal for kids

Does your children struggle with their self worth? Are they constantly beating themselves up because of expectations they have put on themselves? Do they compare themselves to others and never living up to those comparisons?

Never fear, we are here! Give your kids the gift of taking back their worth and allowing them to see how truly amazing they are!

This unique guided journal for kids is packed with 60+ pages of journal prompts and activities to assist them in exploring their emotions and diving in to their self worth. It is the perfect safe space for your child to get familiar with gratitude, self-love, and emotions all while documenting their daily life.  They will feel empowered to see their individuality and let it shine!

Section 1 – Daily Exercises

This section is about doing small activities daily. We focus on gratitude, letter writing, being present, power of our words, self-worth, and other activities that inspire connection. 

Section 2 – Special Excercises

This section is for those days that your child could use an outlet to express intense emotions. Your child may use this space to write out their emotions and then release them with the step-by-step instructions. 

section 3 – open pages

The sky is the limit in this section. This section encourages creativity through writing and drawing. There is plenty of space to continue exploring their emotions or repeating an activity that inspired them!

Love it, what are my options?

Full Engagement

Mama Connection Course

You read the questions above and nodded your head each time! Trust me, I was there too and that’s why I created this course! You know your child’s worth and you tell them every day, but they tend to listen to outside influences more. Let’s take that back and fully engage with them on a deeper level.

This course was created with you in mind. Life is busy and hectic and I didn’t want something else to add to your list of things to do. But, my friend, you understand that if you want to see different results, you have to do something different. Am I right? Here’s your chance to do just that!

You will get a digital copy of the journal (with the option of grabbing a physical copy) and seven short 7-9 minute videos that assist you in using the journal in your home. I will guide you to be more present with your children in the little time that you have so that you can create massive shifts in your home. We focus on the power of writing and listening, with a strong emphasis on the power of you and how you are a creator of your world.

You will also have full access to an amazing community of parents and myself, all who are inspired to do this work in their home. We are making the world a better place for our children now and for years to come by committing to being the change today!


do it yourself

Just the Journal

Again, you read the questions above and nodded your head each time! You’re ready to get your hands on the journal and go at your own pace! 

No problem, we have you covered! 

You will still have full access to the amazing community of parents and myself, all who are inspired to do this work in their home. 

$25.00 for one!

Grab extras and save!
($40.00 for two, $54.00 for three)


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by Camille Kennard and Stefanie Joseph