I’m Stefanie Joseph

Intuitive Life & Business Coach

Guiding you to home to yourself.

Personal Life Coaching

Are you desiring to feel more connected with yourself and in your relationship with others? Are you ready to break free from limitations, expectations, and constrictive behaviors in your life and shift into more love, acceptance, and abundance?

Intuitive Business Coaching

Are you feeling disconnected from your business but have a deep desire to serve and create positive change in the world? Are you ready to market and support your clients from your soul’s alignment and create true prosperity and deeper connections?

Intuitive Life Coaching

Why work with me?

My superpowers are love and acceptance so what does that mean for you? I see you from a soul’s perspective. I see the loving divine being that you are, so I create a safe container of love that gives you permission to see you through this divine light.

I believe that we are each uniquely designed; and yet, through conditioning and societal programming, we may feel disconnected from our core essence. Working with me allows you to connect to your authentic self, giving you permission to accept and honor the unique being that you are.  

What changes can you see with working with me?

You tell me! What shifts do you desire to witness in your life? Do you feel secure in your relationships with yourself and others? Do you experience more joy than sadness in your daily interactions? Do you understand your purpose (hint hint…you’re already doing it)? Do you see the gifts that you bring to the world? 

You can truly have the life that you desire if you are open and honest with yourself. Acceptance of self is a unique journey for each of us. I would love to walk side by side with you as you develop your own personal alignment practices that support and honor yourself.  

What programs and services are available?

There are no gurus here…well except each of you! I am here to guide you back home to yourself. The work begins with the individual self; however, there’s power in self-reflection when supported by a safe community. I offer 1:1 coaching as well as group programs to allow yourself to be seen through your eyes and through the eyes of others.

I also offer individual intuitive sessions utilizing the Gene Keys transmission to provide  clarity and perspective for your life in this present moment.


Stefanie is here to assist you in fully aligning your outer world with your inner world, shedding the layers of expectations and emerging as your authentic self.

🦋 Embrace

Stefanie assists you in seeing the constricted boxes you may have put yourself in and guides you to embracing your true self, allowing you to move towards radical self-acceptance and love.

🦋 Embody

Transformation from the inside out is not always easy and at times very painful. These are the moments in our lives when we pause from the mundane and choose to go deep within ourselves. 

🦋 Emerge

Transformation comes from within. As we emerge from within, we grow to accept and love ourselves completely. We move into full acceptance and living free from limitations and expectations.  

Intuitive Business Coaching

What programs and services are available?

I offer business coaching in conceptual development, project planning and brand alignment. These services are offered in group programs as well as 1:1 offerings. I love supporting multi-passionate and heart-centered entrepreneurs who have a higher calling in life but can’t just focus on one thing. We will work to bring all of your passions together under one aligned roof.

I also offer 1:1 intuitive clarity sessions and open office hours where you will walk away feeling more connected to yourself in your business with actionable steps to move you and your business forward. See Services page for more details and to book a free discovery session to see if we’re a good fit.

How Do I Know if Business alignment Is Right for Me?

You are a heart-connected business owner who is here to make a difference. You desire to be of service to the greater good creating prosperity through alignment.

Do You Only Work With Established entreprenuers?

No! I work with all heart-centered entrepreneurs. However, for optimal results, I work with entrepreneurs who have an idea or concept of what they desire to create. I have assisted clients who have been in business for 40+ years as well as those that are in the infancy stages of their business. The common denominator between my clients is a passion to serve and promote positive change in our world.

What are my credentials?

Using my extensive background in business, project management, and corporate operations combined with intuition and my Gene Keys Guide certificate, I support business owners in gaining clarity around their vision and then sharing it with the world. I am a serial spiritual entrepreneur and I fully understand and embrace natural pivots in business. Stefanie embraces the spiritual nature and flow of business and gives you permission to do the same in your business while still being accountable and connected to yourself. The goal is to align your outer world with your inner world, and naturally create and attract prosperity and abundance. Click to here to book a Discovery Call with Stefanie to see if we’re a good fit.   

About Stefanie Joseph

chief energy officeR

I’m Stefanie, and among other things, I am a professional vision launcher, a mother of three, and an alignment organizer. My superpower is acceptance and love and as a Human Design Generator type, I am here to here to support you in taking your vision and connecting the dots until it comes together. 

I haven’t always been on this journey. I have had multiple evolutions and metamorphosis in my life and have learned things from each that I am now using to support, mentor, consult, and encourage others to love and accept their unique gifts. I would love to speak with you if you are ready to take your goals from your mind and heart into the world.

Read more about my story and background here.

Stefanie Joseph, Soul Aligned Services