Mama Connection Course

Mama connection course, through my heart and eyes, mindful journal for kidsMama Connection Course is for the mom that wants more connection with their children. I hear you mama; your child is frustrated, sad, or influenced by outside sources and you're ready for a change. Alternately, you believe in the good in the world and you are creating opportunities for your children to see the same light within themselves.

In connection with our "Through Our Heart and Eyes, a guided journal for kids", this mini-video series provides multiple simple tools and guides you through using the journal to teach self worth, gratitude, mindfulness, and genuine connection. Also, all videos in Mama Connection Course are under 10 minutes, keeping your busy schedule in mind. Additionally, you get to go at your own pace, completing the videos during bathroom breaks, carpool line, or soccer practice.

$6.32 (tax)
Total: $95.32