I have always been a good student. As such, I sat quietly, minded my manners and always listened to my teachers. So when my wonderful Yoga Teacher said to drink coconut water over regular water, I immediately went to the store and got this bad boy!

The Details

I was instantly impressed with the panel and the obviously simple ingredients:

INGREDIENTS: 100% Natural Coconut Water

Being a panel reader, I grabbed a cold one to go and a few to stock in my fridge. (I also loved that they were plastic free!)

Now the education on coconut water

As I was gulping this sweet refreshing beverage, I realized I had no clue why I was drinking it? Sure it tasted fabulous, hydrating and quite refreshing, but I didn’t know the actual benefits. Because of the good student that I am, I did my research!

First up: Instagram and Facebook

So it appears that my friends all agreed that it was the electrolytes and the hydration that was the reason. Makes sense!

coconut Water

Coconut water

Next up: Our friend Google

Web MD toted “low in calories, naturally fat and cholesterol free, more potassium than four bananas, and super hydrating.” “It contains easily digested carbohydrate in the form of sugar and electrolytes.” I guess my friends do know what they are talking about!

My complaint with Web MD is that they go on to talk about hydration being important, “whether you choose a sports drink, coconut water, or plain water, they all work to keep your body hydrated.” I’m not a fan of the sugary “sport drinks” and believe that people are relying on the taste rather than they negative affect sugars have on your body. I like the idea of hydrating from natural sources.

In addition to Web MD, I went on to one more resource. Dr. Axe goes into the nutrition facts. Coconut water contains approximately 46 calories per cup, 10 grams of natural sugar, with little protein and fat free. The primary nutrient in coconut water is potassium making it a high electrolyte beverage. Yay!! Friends were right again!

Electrolytes are critical to maintain blood volume, heart health, and well as to prevent dehydration. Maintaining electrolyte levels can help reduce fatigue, stress, and help maintain muscle relaxation. (Dr. Axe article)

According to the same article, other health benefits of coconut water include:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Weight loss
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Boosted energy
  • Lowered cholesterol
  • Reduced cellulite
  • Relax muscle tension
My conclusion

In conclusion, I found that the most important thing is staying hydrated. If any of you have suffered from dehydration, you know this personally! (I’m raising my hand here!!)

Electrolytes are important to make sure we are keeping the electrical charges in our bodies work properly (electrolytes). So if coconut water is going to be a source of this important function, I’m going to continue to partake.

Unfortunately, it still appears that research of coconut water is still ongoing. From the articles I’ve read, the research that was done was comparing it to sports drinks and plain water. I can’t bring myself to consume the artificial sugars that come in those sports drinks. Therefore, for me personally…I’m going to test out this coconut water a bit more and keep ya’ll updated on my personal opinion!

Cheers to the coconut!