Use and abuse our bodies

Use and abuse our bodies

Let’s be honest, we use and abuse our body! We live in a fast paced society with a convenience store at every corner where you can quickly grab some junk, both food and drink, and be on your way. Add a mostly sedentary life with little or no exercise and we’ve got a recipe for disaster on our bodies!

So why detoxify and how does it help you? Here’s the best analogy that makes it so simple to understand.


Our body is like a bathtub, the water faucet (brings toxins in); and the drain (lets the toxins out). When it is running at a normal pace, we don’t have as much of a problem. When we are in overload and the drain is plugged, the tub gradually fills up and spills over the sides. This is when people get SICK and you are given a MOP (medicine) which can add more toxins & have side effects. 

We believe most people want to lose weight and feel good but they don’t REALLY understand how to achieve true health & vitality. Toxins are what lock up the fat cells! To have effective weight loss, we have to unplug the drain (detox) by nutritionally cleansing. When you get rid of the toxins the FAT CAN MELT AWAY!

SIMPLY PUT… Toxins come from stressors like emotional distress, the environment, processed foods, extra weight and being inactive. Stress leads to toxic build up which leads to inflammation which leads to the disease process.

Decreasing stressors/toxins will decrease inflammation which will decrease the disease breeding ground…creating HEALTH! Eliminate these toxins and clean the drain!

Then What?

Continue to monitor the intake of your foods and drinks. You’ve done the hard work, now limit the toxic foods that go back into your body.  Focus on healthier, earth foods, those that serve your body. Drink lots of water! Get out and move!

Healthy body makes for a healthy soul!

Healthy body is healthy soul