Quick, Simply and Easy Crockpot Roast
in only 5 Steps!

Are you looking for an quick, easy meal without preservatives or packets from the grocery store?
Come check out what we created in our kitchen!

Being a mama on the go, I am always looking for a new quick, healthy, easy meal to feed my tribe. I searched good ole Pinterest and either saw extremely fancy roasts or ones that were loaded with packets of junk.

Therefore, I went into creation mode and created something for our family. I love the idea of them helping out, learning about the foods, and watching how simple it is to eat healthy. I don’t mind cooking but I sure as hell don’t enjoy it, so creating gems like this makes one happy mama!

I also like to keep things extra simple with my meals. I love extravagant meals, but they are not that practical when running a household of tiny humans and a business. I need to set it and forget it! Who else is with me?

Additionally, there are so many recipes for crockpot roasts. Sure, they are absolutely yummy and so moist, but they’re loaded with preservatives and packets from the store. We’re keeping it simple here!

The details for this easy meal

Easy Meal Crockpot Roast in 5 Steps

Here’s where you are going to want me to explain the exact amount of each ingredient, right? Trust me, I was there once. I couldn’t cook without this, but you really can’t go wrong with this one. That is part of the beauty and simplicity of this!

  1. Add the meat
  2. Season the meat
  3. Add the veggies
  4. Add some water
  5. Cover and cook!

Yup, it really is that simple. Get creative on the veggies you want to include? Have a spice that you love? Try it out!

Easy meal - Crockpot Roast - 5 Steps