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Not only is our society experiencing technology overload, we are also experiencing toxin overload through our environment, the foods we eat, and the products we use on a daily basis. Fast food chains are on every street corner, soda shops have now become drive-throughs, and cheap, mass produced products line the shelves of our grocery stores. We live in a world of convenience, yet is slowly killing our bodies, our minds, and our souls.

But I want to remind you, we are a shame-free environment here! Our focus is on education, awareness, and choices. We understand those that don’t want to stay on auto-pilot and we also understand that one size shoe doesn’t fit all. Let us help you find what works for YOU!

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Easy Meal in 5 Minutes

Quick, Simply and Easy Crockpot Roast in only 5 Steps! Are you looking for an quick, easy meal without preservatives or packets from the grocery store? Come check out what we created in our kitchen! Being a mama on the go, I am always looking for a new quick, healthy,...

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Coconut Water – what’s the benefits?

I have always been a good student. As such, I sat quietly, minded my manners and always listened to my teachers. So when my wonderful Yoga Teacher said to drink coconut water over regular water, I immediately went to the store and got this bad boy! The Details I was...

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Soda – how is this affecting you?

Oh soda…how we think we love you? A client that is on our detox brought me this article from the local paper about soda. It’s an oldie but sure is a goodie! Did you see the 39 lbs??? Drinking one can of this sugar beverage a day equates to consuming 39...

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